Dog show

Always a highlight, the dog show is back for 2024. The dog show takes place in its own dedicated ring.

A small dog siting next to a hay bale A dog leading its owner around the dog show ring A dog calmly walking around the dog show ring A dog sitting and looking at the dog show judge A labrador sitting and looking at the camera A dalmation walking towards the camera A dog looking towards its owner with a large crowd behind A terrier lying on the grass and looking at the camera


  • Cutest puppy (6-18 months)
  • Prettiest female dog
  • Most handsome male dog
  • Best veteran (8 years +)
  • Shiniest coat / Best condition
  • Best biscuit catcher
  • Best paw shaker
  • Dog most like its owner
  • Musical sit to Judges whistle
  • Best Trick

The 2024 dog show is generously sponsored by Atypical Pet Crematorium and supported by Abbey Green Vets and Oxbutts Pet and Stable Food.

By entering for the Dog Show you agree to abide by these terms and conditions of entry. On occasion these may be subject to change, therefore please refer to this document frequently so these are fully understood. By entry the Dog Show you also agree
to abide by any instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the event by officials.

Competition entry details and fee

    • The organisers advocate a policy of responsible pet ownership and the health and safety of all dogs taking part in the competition is our number one concern. Dogs should not be forced to take part if they are not happy doing so

    • The charge for taking part in the Dog Show is £3 per class, per human

    • Children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult

General competition details

    • Dogs can be entered into any appropriate category. We reserve the right to limit the number of entries in any class

    • The dog show will start at 1pm and participants must arrive at the dog show ring 5 minutes ahead of their class for registration

    • Dogs should not be dressed up in costumes or any clothing that does not have a welfare benefit

    • The organisers reserve the right to remove a dog(s) from the ring if they are being aggressive towards another dog/human or are being disruptive to the competition, or showing signs of stress, anxiety, fear, illness or injury

    • Any specific information and instructions given by any stewards/officials must be adhered to and decisions of the judges are final

    • The organisers reserve the right to cancel any classes or to move a participant to another similar class

Disclaimer: By entering the Dog Show you are agreeing to take full responsibility for, any injury or damage to and/or caused by your dog(s) and it is not the liability of the organisers or sponsors including disappearance, theft, death or otherwise. You are fully liable for your animal should they cause any damage or injury. Any dog showing aggressive behaviour at the show will be asked to leave with no refund give

  • Please consider the temperament of your dog before you decide to attend. You should consider if this is an environment they will enjoy or if it is likely to make them stressed or anxious, in which case they should not attend
  • What your dog can cope with will depend on its age, breed, health and the weather on the day. For example, suitable dogs will be healthy (physically and emotionally), not over- or under-weight, friendly towards other dogs and people, confident and calm in new places with new people
  • The welfare of your dog is your responsibility throughout the duration of the show and they MUST NOT be left unattended at any time
  • Dogs must be under control and on a lead at ALL times. Extendable leads are not appropriate for the environment and electric shock collars or prong collars should not be used
  • Only well-socialised dogs (i.e. friendly towards other dogs and people, including children) should attend. The behaviour of your dog is YOUR responsibility
  • Please do not attend if your dog is fearful of other dogs or people
  • Dogs should not be dressed up in costumes, or any restrictive clothing that restricts their movement or natural behaviour
  • Dogs should not be forced to interact or do anything they don’t want to
  • Dogs should have a collar and a tag with their owner’s name and address inscribed on it (note: this is a legal requirement) and ideally a phone number on which the owner can be contacted
  • When travelling, we would ask you to follow the advice of all the major charities and government, and ensure that your dog is transported safely by properly securing him/her in the vehicle with a suitable harness, or in a suitable carrier, rather than be loose in the vehicle
  • Always travel with a portable water container for your dog. Always assume the weather will be hot and sunny. There will be dog watering points throughout the venue to drink. Please also consider the temperature inside your vehicle whilst you might be in traffic waiting to enter the event
  • Your dog(s) MUST NOT be left unattended in a vehicle during the event (or at any time). If poor weather turns into direct sun, it can take only a few minutes for a vehicle to reach temperatures that are a threat to their welfare and even their life
  • If the weather is wet and cold, it is your responsibility to keep them warm and dry
  • Please ensure that you follow the standard Veterinary advice that your dog is correctly vaccinated to prevent disease, and do not bring your dog if they appear to be feeling unwell, have suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea within the past 48 hours or you suspect that they are suffering from a contagious condition
  • Dogs should be healthy and fit enough to take part in the have-a-go activities. Enter them based on your knowledge of your dog, his/her fitness and veterinary history. Please follow any instructions you are given closely
  • Owners should be aware of the signs of heat stress and also make provision for use of pet-safe sunscreen where appropriate. Some dogs are more prone than others e.g. those with short flat faces, overweight, old, young and dogs with thick coats. If any dog starts to display signs of stress during the event, inform a member of the event team so that help can be provided. It is recommended you provide your dog with plenty of rest breaks in shaded areas with water available
  • Harsh handling of any dog at any time and aversive devices such as e-collars or prong collars will not be tolerated. The organisers and/or staff reserve the right to ask visitors to leave if they believe that their dog is being caused undue stress or compromised mental or physical health by being at the event
  • Bitches in season must not attend the event
  • Please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your dog. Designated disposal areas are located at the show. Please bring dog waste bags.

  • Children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult
  • Visitors are responsible for ensuring that they are wearing appropriate attire, taking into account the nature of the show and the weather forecast. Wearing sunscreen is advised
  • If any visitor is in any doubt about their ability to participate in any activities they should seek medical advice or refrain from taking part
  • Persons attending Winchcombe Country Show (WCS) do so at their own risk.WCS, its sponsors, contractors and agents will not be liable in any way for injury, loss, damage or death that might occur as a result of participation at the show, unless by negligence on their part.

If your dog has a problem at the event, please contact the organisers for veterinary assistance.

By visiting Winchcombe Country Show you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the show. You also acknowledge that you participate in the show at your own risk. Winchcombe Country Show accepts no liability whatsoever for any accidental damage or loss of any kind, whether direct or consequential, suffered by you, your family or your dog(s), in relation to visiting the show, provided that nothing shall exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

By attending the event, participants consent to being filmed/photographed for security and broadcast without payment.